Blokes, battles and biffo.



The second film that moved me from procrastination to productivity while writing LEGACY , was the Water Diviner.

One of the challenges I faced with LEGACY is that it’s essentially a very masculine story. Women weren’t even allowed to compete at the Olympic Games in the sport featured in the screenplay, until 1964 (my screenplay finishes in 1960).

Although I’m fond of a good verbal stoush… I firmly believe that violence is never the answer!

The protagonist in LEGACY is the typical, hyper-masculine Australian sportsman of the era. Throughout the entire screenplay he participates in a classically antagonistic relationship with his childhood friend/arch rival. This upshot of this was – plenty of fight scenes were required to successfully bring his story to life.

I must confess, initially I found writing the fight/ battle scenes in LEGACY extremely difficult. That was until I watched this film.

In the Water Diviner, Joshua Connor (played by Russell Crowe), travels from Australia to Turkey to retrieve the bodies of his three sons who have died in battle in the Battle of Gallipoli.

Although, the film has been criticised for it’s portrayal of the Turks, as an Australian and a writer – this film offered me a fresh perspective.

Australians frequently romanticise any depiction of the Battle of Gallipoli and of the Australian soldiers who fought in WWI. The Water Diviner avoids focusing on the traditional themes of heroism and bravery in battle. Instead the film examines the aftermath of war in Turkey.  We observe the implications the war has on the people who are left behind and come to the conclusion that although the war is over – for these people…the battle has only  just begun!

For me, this fresh take on a history was liberating.

After watching the Water Diviner I came to the conclusion that I’m allowed to offer an alternative, womanly perspective when I write about “blokes, battles and biffo”. The film gave me permission to think differently about my writing and made me realise that I can be true to my protagonists point of view, be true to the story, be true to history and also be true to my own style.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Water Diviner and STAY TUNED for the next instalment on films that inspired me to get back to the keyboard while writing LEGACY.

by Hannah Brooks

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